Honors and Achievements

Triangle Accounting, Inc. has been contributing to variety of businesses to China and United States for fifteen years.

Our company provides excellent practical experience to Chinese students major in finance.

Recently, our company focuses on cross national taxation, including IRS auditing cases, and has won over 250 giant complex auditing cases to save our clients thousands and millions dollars.

Our company has imported dozens of Chinese investing companies to the United States which brought over dozens of million dollars investment to US markets and created thousands of job opportunities.

Our company has imported dozens of US-based corporations to China.

Our company has imported dozens of scientific projects, products and patents from United States to China.

Our company has imported dozens of tech talents to China.

Our company has over 3000 corporation clients and over 600 personal clients.

Policies and Regulations


Rrade investment
  • Music games & ATM'S 
  • 时间:2014-11-03
  • 金额:$125,000
  • 地点:Wilmington
  • Coastal Cafe
  • 时间:2014-11-04
  • 金额:$167,000
  • 地点:美国
  • After School Child Care
  • 时间:2014-11-03
  • 金额:$150,000
  • 地点:美国
  • 房产投资3
  • 时间:2015-02-10
  • 金额:$259900
  • 地点:Raleigh
  • 房产投资2
  • 时间:2015-02-03
  • 金额:$223900
  • 地点:Raleigh
  • 房产投资1
  • 时间:2015-02-03
  • 金额:$36500
  • 地点:Ahoskie