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Brief Introduce of Our Company

        Triangle Accounting, Inc. (USA) headquarters is  located in Cary, NC.  After many years of development, innovation and hardworking, Triangle Accounting  emerged as the largest Chinese Accounting firm in the Eastern part of the United States. In 2016 the Firm established a wholly owned subsidiary, Shanghai North Carolina Investment Advisory Co., Ltd, which is located in the Shanghai Free-Trade Pilot Zone. Triangle Accounting, Inc. (USA) staff consist of  experienced team of academics,  CPA's, researchers and experts in accounting, tax and consultancy services. Interns from top universities in the US, China and Hong Kong  continuously strengthen our talent base pool. We emphasize on providing professional accounting services, academic research, training and innovation. Years of tax research experiences provide us with solid theoretical, practical and technical support to help our clients  minimize their tax liabilities, resolve complex tax issues. We offer other exceptional services in related areas.

  In recent years while on a quest for continuous improvement  we expanded our  scope of operations to multinational taxation, accountancy and foreign earned income tax. In 2013 Triangle Accounting formed a partnership with Shanghai Qingrui Certified Tax Agent Co., Ltd, which is the largest accounting firm in Shanghai.  In addition to our competitive professional services in accounting and tax, Triangle Accounting provides commercial services between United States and China. These services include US business investments, consulting,US real estate, study abroad service, US banking service, insurance service, US offshore company registration, US capital and technology to China.

  We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to our clients who has always  been  supportive to Triangle Accounting, Inc. (USA). We hope more friends will join us to become new clients. Please feel free to contact us.

Triangle Accounting, Inc. (USA)

Cary Headquarters, NC

  Telephone: 919-380-1040

  Fax: 919-481-6943

  Address: 1606 Walnut St. Suite 201

  Cary NC 27511, USA

  Email: info@triangleaccounting.net

  Webpage: www.triangleaccounting.net

Shanghai North Carolina Investment Advisory Co., ltd

Telephone: 021-50199809

  50199810 95040310325 (toll free)

  Fax: 021-50199810-808

  Cell/QQ: 15921100116 (Ms. Li)q

  Email: yvonne-li@triangleaccounting.net

  Address: 778 Jiangsu Building FL 13 Suite C7

  Dong Fang Rd, Pudong New District

  Shanghai, China