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Diversity and Inclusiveness

  Because of the tolerance, diversity and tremendous inclusive captivity, Triangle Accounting can be regarded as a solid, well grounded firm with longevity.

  In addition to being specialists  in their area of expertise, our staff have diverse backgrounds and  they work together to achieve same goal. At our branch offices, we support our clients in different parts of the country while being in a position to perform remote assistance. We developed a tolerant and inclusive structure, policy and  thus, collectively, our firm  can efficiently support and develop our services both in United States and China.

  Our tolerant and inclusive culture enables all staff matters and opinions to be heard and analyzed. Staff members of different backgrounds have equal ability to aspire further up in the organizational chart of the firm by meeting or exceeding the criteria for promotion and other awards. It not only helps us to attract and retain talents, but also  to provide best services for our clients. 

      Our experiences prove that a diversified team of academics , professionals and experts  can stimulate creative thinking and simulate new problem solving  approaches.